Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's dinner.

                                                   Frost on Brussels Sprouts Leaves, December 2010.

Was very french and very delicious. Like every year we had a pate made by my aunt with foie gras. She lives in the southwest of France and uses a very very old family recipe. It is delicious. We had a green salad with it with a garlic vinaigrette like my father always do. We were going to have salmon but considering the price we had to pay for our plat principal, a goose stuffed with apples, I decided against it. Traditionally the goose is served for Christmas but we had ham for Christmas because there was so much to do and it is so easy. But I really wanted goose fat and goose bouillon so here we are.
I don't like stuffing too much so I decided to pat dry the goose salt and pepper the inside and out and rubbed it with a bit of dark beer. I put peeled and cored whole apples inside and trussed the bird.  Well kind of. I don't know how to do it well so the results looks more like a packaged present than anything. But the point is, it works.

It will be served with potatoes and turnips that will be steamed first and then warmed up in the goose fat. You should get a lot of fat that should be drained from the roasting pan. If you want to make gravy, leave a bit of fat in the pan, deglaze with white wine and add chicken broth. Let it reduce for a few minutes.

Yum. Big time.

Tomorrow, I'll make broth with the trimmings, herbs and spices.