Friday, February 18, 2011

Lamb's Lettuce, Rain, Sun and Hail.

We had a whole week of sun and then 3 days of rain and to my surprise one day among the spinach, Mache (aka Lamb's Lettuce or Corn Salad) appeared. I had planted it last year when it had done moderatly well. I always let a few vegetables go to seeds. I like surprises! But I had forgotten the Mache completely.
That morning I thought it would make a great lunch for the next day with a few soft boiled eggs.
Alas, later that day we had hail several time and well, the mache was just not looking so perky anymore. Ah well. Such is the life of a gardener. Luckily some of them were protected by the spinach and we ate those. Others went to very happy chickens. And of course some will go to seed. To be reborn in late fall for another surprise meal or two.

                                                                                                           Lamb's Lettuce, February 2011.

Inspired by Down To Earth. 


  1. Hello Marie It sounds like you have crazy weather too. It is nice here today and a lot of our snow melted, they are calling for a winter storm this weekend and freezing -14 nights and snow.The lettuce looks nice. Thanks for visiting my blog. B B

  2. -14? Brrrrrrrr... I'm going to stop saying it's cold here :):)

  3. Nice picture! Is lamb's lettuce a type of spinach? What does it taste like?

  4. hail, oh, the bad luck! but the pic is lovely...makes me yearn for it to be warm enough here for spring lettuces.

  5. Mary: it tastes like a cross in between lettuce and spinach but without the bitterness of the spinach and with a nutty taste.