Friday, March 4, 2011


I think we forgot to wish you a happy March!

I know, I'm shamelessly giving you pictures of flowers and a toddler instead of the post I promised on cakes and ingredients substitution when baking. But you see, only 20 mns into the nap there was a diaper leak and a very cranky toddler. So we spent the entire day outside. Surely she should take a big nap tomorrow. You know, to catch up?
Right. Tomorrow then.


  1. Spontaneity (however you spell it) with flowers is awesome!

  2. despite being cranky at times, you've clearly got a keeper there...she is simply adorable!

  3. Mary: Thank you Mary. Spontaneity is a beautiful thing.
    Dmarie: Absolutely a keeper. And when you do what she wants she is not cranky at all, just like me :)