Monday, January 10, 2011

The Bowl with the Rotting Fruit in It.

I don't know how things work in your family but in mine there are weeks where everybody wants to eat fruit all the time. All week long you can hear things like "who took the last pear, it was mine" or "how come there are no more tangerines??". The one-in-charge-of-keeping-the-fruit-bowl-stocked-up scratches his head and logically thinks that next time he goes to the farmers market, well, he'll stock up on fruit since everybody is eating so much of it. And it'll all get eaten quickly. Since everybody wants it so badly. Well, logically.
And on the next Saturday morning as he is about to cross the threshold he'll inquire again what everybody wants from the market and the house will echo with remarkable unison "FRUIT".
So he goes and still thinking logically buys fruit. A lot of it. Persimons, pears, apples and pomegranates. And tangerines, oranges and lemons.
And then, 2 days go by. Some fruit is being eaten and a lot is left. And it is Monday and the postman comes by bearing two enormous packages marked France. The packages that had been eagerly awaited before Christmas but didn't make it because planes were not crossing the ocean at that time. Snow they said.

And the packages were full to the brim with chocolate and a multitude of other French goodies that were promptly munched on by everybody.

And the fruit you ask?
Ah, the fruit. It stayed piled up high in its bowl. Days passed. Turning into a week. And the fruit became squishy at first. And I thought that really I should do something about this.
And then the fruit discolored until inevitably it started to rot.

So I made Fruit Compote

I cut all the parts that  I could from the pears and apples. Cut the persimons in half and scooped the pulp out. And I cut the pomegranates in quarters and took as much of the juice and seeds as I could. It simmered on low with vanilla and orange flower water  until it was nice and soft. I added a large handful of slivered almonds and turned off the heat.
Be warned that if you add pomegranates the seeds will be very noticeable in the compote. It does not bother my toddler or myself but it does bother the rest of the family. That's too bad. More for us I guess.
If you don't want the seeds, it is still worth it to put in the juice.

You can serve as is or add whipped cream or make a crumble with it.

I froze the pomegranates shells... I want to try to dye yarn and linen and see how that goes.


  1. :)..I have just bottled my scrap fruit vinegar for "gifting".

  2. Ah, I forgot about making vinegar with it... I guess I'll have to taste yours and see if I like it :)